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This book is a part two to my first book, The Truth You Didn’t Know.


My first book was LUNCH, but this part two is DINNER. And it’s even bumpier than part one was.


You will enjoy reading part two just like part one. Thanks for reading The Other Truth You Didn’t Know.

Paperback : $ 19.95

E-book:        $   8.99

Wooden Window

This book is about my life, and the struggles I went through as a child, a teenager, and as an adult.


This book will make you cry, and it will make you laugh. This is a great book to read by your fireplace with some hot chocolate eating a bagel.

Paperback : $ 11.95

E-book:        $   9.99

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Decorative Objects
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I told autism in my family these vitamins and juice and muffins will help my son's brain get on the right channel it is supposed to be on.


I told autism that you will not win in my family. I told autism that my son will make it. He will graduate high school and go to college.


I told autism in my family my son will play sports, he will talk, he will be on the same level as his peers. I told autism in my family I said "Bye, Felicia."

Paperback : $ 6.53

E-book:        $ 6.53

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