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Sunset Over Manhattan

My name is Lakisha Marie Mackie. I was born in Brooklyn New York. I am a very hard worker.


I never went to college but I did go to Technical School for CNA Certified Nursing Assistance and Medical Assistance. I graduated from both but never really worked in any of those fields. I always worked in fast food. It seems like I have worked at them all.


I love to cook, I love to write, I love to make jokes and have fun. I love to travel too.


I have two brothers and I am the eldest. I helped to raised them both. I don't have many friends. I only have one best friend and we've been friends since 6th grade. I have three books out, and I wanted to become an Author since I was a teenager. And I became a Author in 2017 with my first book "The Truth You Didn't Know".


I'm a mom with one son. I have a loving man in my life.

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