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From Personal Journal To A Published Book…


….that's how it all started! Author Lakisha Marie Mackie shared her life story about dreaming of becoming a published author one day.   Well, that dream turned to reality when she had her first book “The Truth You Didn’t Know” released in July 2017 by Page Publishing.


Growing up, she used to bring along with her a journal where she jots down anything that happens in her life. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Lakisha had a bit of an obstreperous childhood as her parents always had their issues. They moved to Georgia with her mother and younger brother leaving her dad in Brooklyn. Although her mom tried to make it work by moving back and forth between two states, eventually decided to split up with her dad. Such an enigmatic situation for a kid who prefers living with her father.


Although eventually she got used to living in Georgia, still she despised going to school as she always got picked. From 6th grade until she finished  high school she got bullied for her hair, the way she dressed, her shoes and even her grades. 


Oftentimes Lakisha had issues at home making it hard for her to focus on her studies. She might have been physically present at school but her mind was actually at home. Her grades suffered, and even more it made her feel the hatred of going to school.


There are quite a lot of things that Lakisha did not experience while growing up as a teenager. Her mother was so stern that she was prohibited from hanging out with friends. However, the way her mom raised her as a child made a significant impact on her present. Despite the obstacles in her childhood, our author has now turned out to have a very amiable character. A strong and independent woman, sounds cliche but simply fits best to describe our author. Her past  taught her to be optimistic and combat all battles that would come along. 


Lakisha gave birth to a very cute and adorable baby boy that made her even stronger. She’s now living a simple and happy life with her long time boyfriend that provides genuine care and love that she couldn’t ask for more. Literally she is now on the new chapter of her life.


Our lovely author Lakisha found passion in writing, and decided to share her life story to inspire people.  She had her first book The Truth You Didn’t Know released in November 2020 and the part 2 of this book called The Other Truth You Didn’t Know released in December 2020 both by Page Publishing. Her books have been showcased in both local and international Book Exhibits. Her recent participation was the 2021 American Library Association Virtual Conference. She was also featured in Publishers Weekly Magazine. A screenplay format for the first book is also available for film producers and directors. Everyone is welcome to visit her official website, facebook page, and instagram where all of the links will be posted below this article. A radio interview is set to happen in a few months time where we hear live and more inspiring words from our very own author Lakisha Marie Mackie.


Life is an interesting journey, because no matter how well we plan out our destinations something along the way detours us down a different road. This alternative route is often a bumpy ride filled with potholes of uncertainty and ruts of despair. However, as we navigate our way through this rough terrain we discover a new world that is filled with even more possibilities. Surprisingly, it is only the risk takers and adventurers who are willing to bypass the main thoroughfares of life to venture into this new land of hopes and dreams. For those who are willing to set out on such a quest they find that it was well worth it in the end.


You are well on your way by now, headed to your destination. But don’t miss the happiness in front of you. The thing is, there will always be something getting in the way — some bitterness, some rejection, some unfinished business, some grudge, someone owed, some sickness, some kind of trial you never saw coming. But here you are anyway, and this is your journey — your one chance to enjoy the bumpy ride.


Thank you for your time and we hope you enjoyed reading.

author, Lakisha Marie Mackie

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